Pirates of Silicon Valley 1999

This film is the semi-humorous documentary about the men who made the world of technology what it is today, their struggles during college, the founding of their companies, and the ingenious actions they took to build up the global corporate empires of Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

Silicon Valley 2014

In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. Partially inspired by Mike Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late ‘80s, Silicon Valley is an American sitcom that centers around six programmers who are living together and trying to make it big in the Silicon Valley.

The Big Valley 1965

The Big Valley is an American western television series which ran on ABC from September 15, 1965, to May 19, 1969. The show stars Barbara Stanwyck, as the widow of a wealthy nineteenth century California rancher. It was created by A.I. Bezzerides and Louis F. Edelman, and produced by Levy-Gardner-Laven for Four Star Television.

Happy Valley 2014

Happy Valley is a dark, funny, multi-layered thriller revolving around the personal and professional life of Catherine, a dedicated, experienced, hard-working copper. She is also a bereaved mother who looks after her orphaned grandchild.

Death Valley 2011

A year ago, vampires, werewolves and zombies mysteriously descended upon the streets of California's San Fernando Valley. The Undead Task Force (UTF) was created to combat the emergence of monsters.

Harper Valley 1981

Harper Valley PTA is an early 1980s American television sitcom based on the 1978 film Harper Valley PTA, which was itself based on the 1968 song recorded by country singer Jeannie C. Riley, written by Tom T. Hall.

Valley of the Boom 2019

An adrenaline-fueled ride through the culture of speculation, innovation and disruption during Silicon Valley’s unprecedented tech boom and subsequent bust in the 1990s. This mostly scripted series weaves in select documentary elements that help tell the true inside story of the internet’s formative years.

Ten Days in the Valley 2017

Single mother Jane Sadler's life is turned upside down when her young daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. And just like in the controversial police TV show she produces, everything is a mystery, everyone has a secret and no one can be trusted.

Valley of the Damned 2019

Explore important and disturbing questions concerning how innocent people become ensnared by evil, and how a tight-knit community survives when senseless crime pushes it past the breaking point.

Death Valley Days 1952

Death Valley Days is an American radio and television anthology series featuring true stories of the old American West, particularly the Death Valley area. Created in 1930 by Ruth Woodman, the program was broadcast on radio until 1945 and continued from 1952 to 1970 as a syndicated television series, with reruns continuing through August 1, 1975. The series was sponsored by the Pacific Coast Borax Company and hosted by Stanley Andrews, Ronald Reagan, Robert Taylor, and Dale Robertson. With the passing of Dale Robertson in 2013, all the former Death Valley Days hosts are now deceased.

Vivid Valley 2004

The real lives of the Vivid Girls, the most successful actresses in the Porn Industry.

The Forgotten Valley 2018

‘The Forgotten Valley’ is a Hong Kong period drama that revolves on a remote village known as ‘Peace Valley’ where men hold power while the women are deemed as second grade individuals. Lau Kong portrays as the head village with four wives (portrayed by Rosanne Lui, Louisa So, Rebecca Zhu and Katy Kung). All things are in order (even the women are all being very obedient to the unfair village rules) until the return of the head village’s eldest son (portrayed by Raymond Wong) who came home from oversea with his new wife (portrayed by Grace Chan). Some paranormal incidents, kidnapping and village intrusion events lead up to a successful fight for women equality in the end

Valley of the Dinosaurs 1974

Valley of the Dinosaurs is an animated television series from the Australian studios of Hanna-Barbera that ran for 16 half-hour installments on CBS Saturday Morning from September 7, 1974 to September 4, 1976. Reruns are currently airing on the Boomerang network.

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley is an American reality television series on Bravo. The series debuted on November 5, 2012. Citing low viewership, Bravo chose not to renew the series for a second season.


An unapologetic look at the lives of strip-club dancers working down in the Dirty Delta.

Valley Cops 2017

Documentary series following South Wales Police, where everyone knows everyone, and cops and robbers are on first-name terms

Funky Valley

Funky Valley is a UK television series created designed, and directed by Sarah and Simon Bor. It is produced by Honeycomb Animation for Five. Aimed at the pre-school audience, rendered in a texture-rich animation style. Each five-minute episode is set in a farmyard full of the usual farm animals. The main characters are usually Dippy the cow, Porker the pig, Hoot the owl, Horatio the horse, Clara, the hen, and Daphne the bossy duck. There is also a hysterical Sun, and Moon. The sun is usually wearing something according to the weather in the episode.

Valley Peaks

Follow the outlandish residents of Valley Peaks, a satirical world in it's own, in this spoof style comedy of teen dramas and soaps.

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