Circumstance 2011

A wealthy Iranian family struggles to contain a teenager's growing sexual rebellion and her brother's newfound conservatism.

Pomp and Circumstance 1999

Based on the story of Noah's Ark from the Book of Genesis, Donald Duck is Noah's assistant and Daisy Duck is Donald's wife. Donald is given the task of gathering the animals to the Ark, and misses, loses, and reunites with Daisy in the process. Introduced by James Levine featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Blood & Circumstance 2014

A study in family dysfunction, this crime story revolves around a series of interviews with inmate, Joel Stabler, who is being examined by a psychiatrist charged with determining whether Joel is fit to stand trial.

Chain of Circumstance 1951

A childless couple adopts a baby girl, but a crime committed by the husband's secretary could cause them to lose custody of the infant.

Dylan Dog - Victim of Circumstances 2014

Adele is suffering from a terrifying recurring dream; a dream that often borders on reality, and even enters it in the form of horrible visions which climax during an evening stroll in the center of Rome. The medical findings don't reveal anything noteworthy and her brother, who was with her that evening, is diagnosed with a simple seizure. Faced with a general skepticism, Adele has no other choice but to turn to the unconventional, so she decides to seek out Dylan Dog - a paranormal investigator

The Circumstance 1973

Laura, a woman of a certain age with full grown children who, by all indications should be leading a great life, but actually, she appears to have none. She comes from a wealthy family. Laura has made herself a lawyer with a nice practice. Her placid existence comes to an abrupt stop when a young motorcyclist suffers an accident almost in front o her. Laura is made to take the youth to the hospital. The incident will change the way she looks at things. Laura becomes obsessed with the young man that was almost killed.

March-2: Special Circumstances 2013

The heroes of the film "March" - a group of FSB special forces officers - a quick response team. Every day, dozens of especially dangerous criminals take to the streets of our cities. An elite team of special forces soldiers led by the commander of Major Alexander Buida is taken to detect and neutralize the criminal structures. Trained at a high level, they remain committed to their cause, even when their own lives are in danger. And no matter what they face tomorrow - with drug dealers, with hostage-taking or with terrible terrorist attacks planned by fanatics - a special unit is always on the alert!

Bad Circumstances 2018

Three Danish polar scientists tragically lost their lives during an expedition to North-Eastern Greenland from 1906-08. Only one of them was found. More than a hundred years later the mystery and tragedy still nags indomitable amateur historian Steffen Holberg, who is absolutely determined to solve it. With help from knowledgeable people, professional experts and state archives, he moves ever deeper into the rugged terrain between truth and myth, fiction and reality to find out what happened - if he can. Mylius-Erichsen, Høgh Hagen, and Jørgen Brønlund died in the wilderness, but the expedition's search team only found Brønlund's dead body and did not even look for the other two. But why not? In his poetic and imaginative signature style, Max Kestner pays tribute to Holberg's curiosity and to the fundamental human desire to satisfy it. 'Every time you move closer, new worlds appear,' says Kestner about his own working method.

Circumstances 2009

Две супружеские пары собираются провести вечер за ужином. Однако в назначенный час в квартире оказываются лишь трое из них. Наконец, приходит и та, которую все заждались. Очень странной походкой. В очень странной шапочке. С нечеловеческим аппетитом и совершенно человеческой жаждой любви. Что могут скрывать друг от друга верные мужья и жены? На что готовы пойти ради вашего семейного счастья ваши закадычные друзья? И чем может обернуться тихий дружеский ужин, приготовленный из обид и подозрений, опасности и страха, нежности и настоящей любви?

Circumstances 2011

Youko and Harumi have been friends since youth as their life circumstances were similar. Youko ends up marrying a politician and publishes a successful picture book basen on Harumi's life, when her son suddenly gets abducted.

Circumstantial Evidence 1945

A man waits on death row while his son and friend try to prove that he did not kill a grocer with an ax.

Circumstances of Place and Time 2018

What binds a person to a certain place on Earth? What lets him say, “I'm from here, and this is my land?” What’s setting the boundaries of our existence? The film immerses us in the daily life of a village near Moscow, where local old-timers live side by side with immigrants from Tajikistan. How do the fences arise, then are destroyed and arise once again between cultures and people?

Circumstances 2017

A break-in goes awry when an intruder discovers something unexpected.

Circumstantial Evidence 1935

A reporter sets out to provide how unreliable circumstantial evidence is by faking a murder and then taking the rap for it. However, the "fake" murder victim turns out to be really dead

Imaginary Circumstances

Two new friends, both recently dumped, develop an unusual way of coping with their heartbreak.

This Is Circumstantial Evidence 2004

This Is Circumstantial Evidence is a music DVD created by Strictly Amateur Films and released by Three One G on April 20, 2004, featuring videos of live performances by several bands from the label. The bands included are: The Blood Brothers, The Locust, Cattle Decapitation, Swing Kids, Moving Units, Get Hustle, Jenny Piccolo, Orthrelm, and Love Life.

His and Her Circumstances 1998

In His and Her Circumstances, like a drug, Yukino Miyazawa was addicted to admiration and praise from those around her. She worked hard to become the perfect student, the perfect girl. But that was before… him. Souichirou Arima. The instant she met him, she hated him. Without even trying, he snatched the very glory from her hands by easily acing the high school entrance exam that should have made her the class representative. To take back what is rightfully hers, Yukino is putting all her efforts into plotting her revenge – but was love part of the plan?

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